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Mayor’s Profile





Juan “Jhonny” F. Escolano is the newly elected Municipal Mayor of Quezon, Quezon. Born on December 27, 1948, to Mr. Mauro Escolano and Mrs. Olympia Escolano. He had served as a police officer for 25 years and also as a municipal councillor for three consecutive terms. Mayor Juan’s exposure to a life of public service was instrumental in fueling his relentless drive in uplifting the lives of his fellow Quezonians and instilling a deep commitment to putting the welfare of the people above everything else, thus his mantra of “SERBISYONG JUAN for ALL.”

In July 2022, Mayor Jhonny assumed his position as the local chief executive of Quezon, Quezon, where he took on the enormous challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Jhonny has been residing in Barangay 4 Poblacion, Quezon, Quezon, for several years. He is the proud parent of Mary Jean, Remiel, and Eric Escolano.



League of the Municipalities of the PhilippinesMember (2022 – present)
League of the Municipalities of the PhilippinesMember Quezon Chapter (2022 – present)

Awards and Recognition

PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION – Most Improve LGU in Quezon Province 2022 Cities and Municipalities Index (CMCI) 5th and 6th Class Municipalities Category
PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION – Most Competitive LGU in Quezon Province for Resiliency Pillar 2022 Cities and Municipalities Index (CMCI) 5th and 6th Class Municipalities Category
PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION – One of the functional Sub-national POCs
EXCELLENCE AWARD – RCEF Small Scale Category 2023 Dry Season
CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION – From Bureau of Internal Revenue Region 9B, LAQUEMAR, Revenue District Office No. 061 South Quezon

Platform of Governance/Priority Thrusts of the Incumbent

1.) Re-survey of Lots and Tax Mapping

2.) Construction of Satellite Slaughter House

3.) Improvement of Cemetery

4.) Creation of Port Management

5.) Construction of New Municipal Building

6.) Construction and Operationalization of Mega Rural Health Unit


7.) Expansion and Improvement of Water System

8.) Construction of Street Lights along Major Roads of Rural Areas

9.) Operationalization of Technical –Vocational School

10.) Public Housing Program

11.) Operationalization Municipal Demo Farm

12.) Construction and Operationalization of New Tourism Building

13.) Improvement of Drainage System and Waste Water Management

14.) Improvement of Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Construction & Operationalization of Sanitary Landfill

15.) Construction of Multi-Purpose Convention Center

16.) Construction and Operationalization of Motorpool

17.) Construction of Diversion Road along the Shoreline of Brgy. 1, 2, 5 and 6 Poblacion 

(Construction of Baywalk and Seawall)

18.) Expansion of Land Reclamation at Brgy. 5 Poblacion

19.) Construction of Farm to Market Roads / Access Roads

20.) Construction of River Protection / Flood Control Projects