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The Vision of the Municipality of Quezon, Quezon

The vision reflects the views and aspirations of the people of Quezon in the next 30 years. It was developed as a result of a consultation process participated by Municipal Departments and Offices, Sangguniang Members, Barangays, Civic Society Organizations (CSOs) and other stakeholders in the municipality. The vision was approved on June 28, 2021, Resolution No. 2021-114. The attainment of the vision is a shared responsibility by the public and private sectors. The vision is formulated and approved as follows:

“Quezon, Quezon, The Gateway to ALQUEREZ (Alabat) Island:

A Livable Environment, where Empowered, Resilient, and God-Loving Community thrives through a Globally Innovative Agriculture and Tourism Centered Economy governed by Gender-Responsive, Transparent, Compassionate, and Dynamic Leaders”

The Vision descriptors and descriptions of Quezon, Quezon.

Vision DescriptorDescription
LivableThe municipality is a safe and secure place where all ages are equitably served and satisfied with essential services including quality education, varied options of housing and public facilities, and economic opportunities. It also offers accessible social services, efficient transportation system, and vibrant open spaces. It promotes sustainable development through protection of its natural resources while also advancing its development.
God-lovingThe residents of the municipality are spiritual and peaceful people who promote moral values and respects religious diversity in their community. The people give high regard and faith to God and allow all activities and decisions to flow according to His will. The different religions that are present in the municipality are respected and can freely practice their religious beliefs and teachings.
EmpoweredEmpowered citizenry can be achieved by providing improved social services, practicing transparency and accountability of the local government, and promoting inclusion and involvement of the citizens to programs and development plans.
ResilientAs a coastal municipality, Quezon is prone to climate change impacts, and hazards. The vision seeks to improve the resiliency of the community through participatory efforts of every stakeholder in reducing local vulnerabilities and exposure, as well as providing efficient disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery systems, as well as, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, to ensure the safety of the citizens.
Globally Innovative  The economic growth of the municipality is boosted through an inclusive adoption of new and sustainable techniques and strategies in agricultural production, management and organization that foster the productive capacity and potentials of its people towards food security. It promotes new ways in developing and strengthening its tourism potentials and industries.
Gender-ResponsiveThe decision makers are able to understand and respond to the situation, roles, and needs of every gender identity. They must ensure inclusivity and discourage discrimination among their constituents. Gender equality is promoted in the formulation and implementation of plans, programs, strategies, and policies.
TransparentThe leaders must guide the citizens with honesty and open communication. Transparency fosters the trust and reliance of the citizens towards their local government. It also increases public awareness and involvement in the activities of the municipality. 
DynamicThe municipality is effectively governed by leaders who strive for a continuous and inclusive progress of the municipality. The leaders influence and connect with the citizens in pursuing the vision, goals, and objectives of the community. They are able to anticipate adversities and address them through reasonable and efficient judgement. Dynamic leaders are also creative, resourceful, and able to adapt easily to changes in systems.
CompassionateCompassionate leadership supports the welfare of the people. It inspires, respects, and empowers the constituents for the betterment of the community. The local government asserts their roles and responsibilities in developing the municipality.
Gateway to ALQUEREZ (Alabat) IslandThrough the completion of the bridge from the municipality of Lopez to the municipality of Quezon, the municipality shall serve as the gateway to and from mainland Quezon, improving delivery of services, and connectivity to Luzon Island.

Goals of Development

To achieve the above principles, the Municipality of Quezon, Quezon has six (6) overall goals:

  1. A livable community through enhanced delivery of social services for a healthy, proactive, and empowered citizenry;
  2. A sustainable and innovative community-driven agriculture and tourism development;
  3. A Balanced Ecosystem and Pollution-Free Municipality;
  4. A Disaster-Risk Resilient Quezonians;
  5. An Improved Infrastructure for All; and
  6. A Sustainable and Proactive Governance, Strengthening Inclusive Development of the Municipality.